Rihan Miya: A young trailblazer making waves in business and exports

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A shining star has emerged in entrepreneurship, captivating his family and the business sector. Rihan Miya, a remarkable 22-year-old, has become synonymous with success and influence.

As the Chairman and CEO of the renowned conglomerate company Midlaj Group, Rihan Miya's recent venture into exporting plywood products to India has propelled him further into the limelight. The business community in Nepalgunj has showered him with accolades and congratulations for his achievement.

To export locally-produced goods to India at such a tender age is extraordinary, and people are excited about Rihan's potential for even greater feats.

In his own words, Rihan shares, "I exported plywood from my industry to India for the first time, and the positive response from Indian customers led to another order. We are currently working tirelessly to fulfill that order." The demand for plywood from India and Nepal is high, and Rihan is committed to meeting this demand head-on.

Having successfully delivered the goods from the initial order, he is now focused on tackling the second order vigorously. Indian traders have expressed their unwavering commitment, stating, "No matter how much you produce, we will buy." However, Rihan acknowledges that the current production capacity exceeds the demand. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in his efforts to bridge this gap and cater to the needs of Indian traders in the near future.

Rihan reveals that exporters who have previously ventured into the Indian market have approached him, requesting quality plywood. This further reinforces his commitment to delivering top-notch products that meet the expectations of his fellow exporters.

Situated in Janaki Rural Municipality 3, Rihan's industry, directly and indirectly, employs approximately 40-50 individuals. Previously engaged in the distribution of imported goods within Nepal, he has now transitioned into the realm of exports. This transition from import to export has marked a significant turning point in Rihan's business journey.

Interestingly, Rihan's entry into the plywood industry aligns serendipitously with his past experiences. "I used to sell imported goods, especially from the Indian company Amul," he shares. In Nepal, only three companies distribute Amul products, and Rihan's Midlaj Group proudly stands as one of them, alongside Vishal Group and Gourmet Vienna.

Rihan had been involved in distributing imported Amul products for around two years until the government implemented a ban on imports of luxury goods. This restriction compelled him to explore new avenues for sustaining his business endeavors.

Undeterred by challenges, Rihan embarked on a new venture. He recounts, "A two-year-long journey began when a bank initiated land auctions, and I took the leap by selling some of my assets and obtaining a bank loan." He successfully transformed his business within two years, achieving remarkable export progress.

Rihan's ancestral roots lie in Pokhara, Kaski, but he was born in Nepalgunj when his father, Rahaman Miya, ventured there for business purposes. Although their house and property remain in Pokhara, the family frequently travels back and forth.

Rihan's father, Rahaman Miya, had faced adversity in his early years, enduring poverty and embarking on arduous journeys to make a living. From walking for days and carrying goods for others in Humla to establishing a small grocery store, Rahaman Miya's entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to Nepalgunj. There, he secured a contract to supply food to the police and army while delving into land plotting and selling. Through perseverance and determination, he built a reputation as a prominent social worker and businessman in Nepalgunj.

Inspired by his father's business acumen, Rihan became interested in entrepreneurship. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey during the ninth grade, initially producing fiber screen protectors for mobile phones. Tirelessly promoting his products, he undertook marketing campaigns, carrying samples in bags and traversing markets. Eventually, he passed the responsibility to his brother.

Later, Rihan ventured into importing goods from Amul until the government's ban on luxury imports prompted him to explore alternative avenues. During this time, he delved into the plywood business, steadily achieving success and ultimately reaching the stage of exporting.

Rihan Miya's meteoric rise is a testament to the power of youth and determination. With each new venture, he forges ahead, leaving an indelible mark on Nepal's business landscape. As the spotlight continues illuminating his path, the world eagerly anticipates Rihan's next groundbreaking move.

Publish : 2023-06-04 15:10:00

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