Youth leader urges government's response to US religious freedom report

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In a recent development, youth leader Rabi Kiran Hamal has called upon the government to address the concerns raised in the 'International Religious Freedom Report' released by the United States. Kiran emphasized that Nepal should continue to be recognized as a Hindu nation, given its population comprising over 90 percent Hindus.

Through an official statement issued on Friday morning, Kiran cautioned against any actions that could undermine Hinduism in Nepal, a sacred land for approximately 17 percent of the global Hindu population. The statement asserted that "religious freedom or secularism should not be interpreted as an attack on Hindus. While we respect and accept everyone's presence, I wish to emphasize that this should not be mistaken for weakness."

Questioning the motives behind the US government's report, Kiran inquired whether it aimed to weaken Hinduism or create tensions between Nepal and India. He urged the authorities to disclose the truth to the citizens regarding significant and sensitive matters.

Publish : 2023-05-19 12:27:00

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