Cast recommends 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery'

Cast members pose at the premiere for the film Glass Onion at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, California, U.S., November 14, 2022. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

"Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," a sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out," assembles a new group in Greece for a new murder mystery and the case for Daniel Craig's well-dressed detective Benoit Blanc.

This Thursday, Rian Johnson, the director of both films, shed light on one of the franchise's significant riddles by explaining what "Glass Onion" means.

"Well, it's a Beatles song first and foremost, and it's a Beatles song about a mystery that isn't really a mystery," he told Reuters.

He added: "In the end, I incorporated the concept of a glass onion into this creature that appears heavily stacked but is actually quite transparent. This is essentially the metaphor that Blanc used over the course of the film. Thus, it has multiple meanings."

The ensemble cast comprises Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom Jr. Each character's attire hints at something about them to aid the audience in understanding them.

Norton stated, "I can't think of a picture I've been in recently where the clothes played such a prominent role." "It's a character-defining moment... Every entry elicits laughter."

Mystery enthusiasts can find a wealth of entertainment options.

Craig stated, "The film is really liberal with spoilers, Easter eggs, or whatever you want to call them."

"If you watch it once, you'll get some, if you watch it again, you'll get more, and it keeps expanding because Rian does such a wonderful job of laying the groundwork, doing all these things, and every single one of them pays off."

In November, the film will have a limited theatrical release in the United States and worldwide, and in December, it will be accessible for streaming on Netflix.

Publish : 2022-11-23 18:20:00

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