Nepali mountaineers Sanu Sherpa and Lal Waiba summits Ganchenpo peak

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Famous Nepali mountaineers Sanu Sherpa and Lal bahadur Waiba have successfully climbed Ganchenpo (6,378 meters) for the first time from Sindhupalchok side.

The two climbers reached the summit of Ganchenpo Peak around 4 o'clock in the afternoon according to Nepali time on Nov 7. Sanjiv Gurung, the coordinator of the climbing team and president of the Mountain Guide Association of Nepal (MoGAN) said via satellite phone. They have succeeded in opening the new route and reaching the summit, he said.

The climbers took about 12 hours from the high camp (4700 meters). "The road was normal, our climbers managed to reach the peak by opening a new route easily without any trouble," he shared his happiness with BL Media.

Italian para climbing team world champion Simone Salvagnin and Everest climbers and international mountain guides Luca Montanari and D'Emilia Alessandro, a team of Nepali climbers including Della Mura Marco departed on October 29, Saturday for an expedition.

World-famous Nepali mountain guide Sanu Sherpa Sherpa, a double 14 peak above 8000-meter record holder participated in the expedition.

Ravindra Aryal, founder of Garima Voyage Tours and Travel, said that the Ganchenpo climbing campaign is being made with the aim is capturing the world's attention and assisting in the development of the local community's future through sustainable tourism. The rural development and sustainable tourism project is a joint effort of Garima Voyage and New Vision Nepal organization.

The goal to attempt the Ganchenpo summit is to bring the world's attention to the project of rural development and sustainable tourism that is initiated by Garima Voyage and the NGO New Vision Nepal.

The organization is aiming to achieve certification as a 'Sustainable destination' by 2024 for Melamchi, Panchpokhri and Helambu areas.

Ganchenpo Himal expedition is organized by Garima Voyage, while ground handling and climbing technical assistance is provided by the Mountain Guide Association of Nepal (MoGAN).

The expedition is initiated by Garima Voyage in support of Montura, a prestigious outdoor company in Italy. The campaign is also supported by Panch Pokhri Thangpal Rural Municipality, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Mountain Guide Association of Nepal (MOGAN), and other individual associations.


Italian Paraclimbing world champion Simone Salvagnin set off to climb Ganchenpo peal

Publish : 2022-11-08 14:44:00

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