Arsenal player Pablo Mari among 6 stabbed in deadly attack at Italian supermarket

Photo: Reuters

There was one fatality and five injuries, including an Arsenal F.C. player. According to accounts, a soccer player was stabbed in a supermarket in Italy.

Thursday, a man took a knife from a grocery shelf and proceeded on a murderous spree at a shopping mall just south of Milan, according to reports from Italy.

LaPresse reports that police have arrested a 46-year-old male in connection with the crime. The man's motivation is unknown.

A supermarket manager died while being transferred to a local hospital, according to the ANSA news agency. According to the report, three of the casualties were in critical condition.

Among the injured was the Spanish soccer player on loan from Arsenal to Serie A club Monza, Pablo Mari.

The manager of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta, informed the BBC that 29-year-old Mari is healing and was not gravely injured.

“I just found out. I am aware that Edu, the technical director of Arsenal, has communicated with his family. He is hospitalized but appears to be doing well."

The CEO of the Monza club, Adrian Galliano, wished the soccer player well and assured them that he was not in danger.

Galliano tweeted, "Dear Pablo, we are all near to you and your family, we love you, continue fighting as you know how, you are a warrior and will recover swiftly."

During the attack, witnesses reportedly observed individuals fleeing for their life from the supermarket.

The grocery giant Carrefour reported that emergency personnel responded to the incident after receiving complaints about it.

Assago's Carabinieri police are investigating the stabbing but have not given any other information about the event.

Publish : 2022-10-28 07:39:00

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