The Jan. 6 hearings are breaking through in key battleground states. Partisan rifts remain

NBC News

By Allan Smith
The House Jan. 6 committee at a hearing on July 12. Frank Thorp V / NBC News

The House Jan. 6 committee hearings appear to be breaking through in some of this fall’s most competitive congressional districts in key states, though the panel’s work does not appear to be making a major impact on how voters view candidates for Congress and governor.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Jan. 6 committee is whether voters, particularly in states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona, have taken notice of its findings. Of more than a dozen voters — Republicans, Democrats and those who identified as independents — interviewed in three hotly contested swing congressional districts in those two states, most indicated they were paying at least some attention to the committee. Their takeaways, however, differed, with some feeling the committee had strengthened the case for then-President Donald Trump’s culpability in the riot while others felt it amounted to congressional overreach.

Publish : 2022-07-27 08:48:00

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