Arrests in Chicago plummet to historic lows as crime rises and police admittedly pull back: 'No way'

Fox News

By Emma Colton
Picture Courtesy: Fox News
Picture Courtesy: Fox News

Chicago police have arrested the fewest number of suspects in at least 20 years amid a crime wave that has continued raging in the city since 2020. 

"In the past, I might see a guy with a gun in his waistband, and I’d jump out and chase him," one decorated officer said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "No way I’d do that now."

Police made arrests in 12% of crime cases in 2021, which is the lowest rate since 2001, when the data was first released, the Chicago-Sun Times analysis found. The number of arrests in Chicago peaked in 2005 when arrests were made in nearly 31% of reported crimes. That n

Publish : 2022-07-19 19:10:00

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