Sweden and the United Kingdom sign a mutual security agreement


United Kingdom
Photo: Anadolu Agency

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a mutual security assurance with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. He will sign a similar deal later that day with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

Ahead of his travel to Sweden, Johnson stated, "We are unwavering and unambiguous in our support for Sweden and Finland. The signing of these security declarations signals the unbreakable bond between our nations.

This is a long-term commitment to strengthen military connections and global stability, and Europe's defenses for future generations.

According to a statement from Downing Street, the declarations will alter the defense and security cooperation between the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland by increasing intelligence sharing, accelerating joint military training, exercises, and deployments, and enhancing security across all three countries and northern Europe.

They will also allow coordination between British, Swedish, and Finnish military forces in all areas, including cyberspace.

At a news conference in Sweden, Johnson stated, "What we're saying and doing now is in some ways just stating the obvious, that two liberal democracies under attack would want to support each other."

"What we're saying today is that in the event of a natural disaster or a military attack, if the other party requests our assistance, we will provide it," he stated.

In light of the Russian war on Ukraine, it is imperative to express this immediately.

Johnson noted, "The many carcasses of Russian tanks that litter streets in Ukraine thanks to Swedish-developed and British-built NLAWs certainly speak to how effective that cooperation can be."

After Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, both Sweden and Finland are evaluating whether or not to join NATO.

Later this month, they are anticipated to make a decision.

Publish : 2022-05-11 20:03:00

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