A Ukrainian-American woman's family were forced to flee to Russia. She smuggled them to Poland


By Salma Abdelaziz, Lauren Kent and Li-Lian Ahlskog
Picture Courtesy: CNN
Picture Courtesy: CNN

Przemysl, Poland (CNN)- Mila Turchyn walks into a McDonald's parking lot near the Poland-Ukraine border. She is anxious. She doesn't trust the man she is about to meet. He is a smuggler.

Turchyn found the man via a messaging app a few days ago, advertising transport services for Ukrainians stranded in Russia. They made a deal-- $500 to drive Turchyn's mom and sister from Moscow to Przemysl, Poland. It's more than most families fleeing war can afford.

She is wondering if it worked.

Turchyn turns and suddenly finds herself in her sister's arms. There is a brief moment of joy, but no time to hug her mom. The smuggler wants to be paid now. He extorts her for more cash. She pays. At this point, there's nothing more that she wants than to be with her family.

The exchange is finally over and the three women are reunited in Poland. They quietly and quickly embrace.

Publish : 2022-04-19 14:51:00

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