CDC mask mandate for planes, trains no longer in effect after judge rules it 'unlawful'

NBC News

By Aria Bendix, Pete Williams, Daniel Barnes and David K. Li
Picture Courtesy: NBC News
Picture Courtesy: NBC News

A federal judge Monday struck down the Biden administration’s mandate that masks be worn aboard planes, trains, buses and other public transportation, leading to an immediate change in policy for air travelers and many rail customers.

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle for the Middle District of Florida called the policy “unlawful” and ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had overstepped its legal authority by imposing the mandate in February 2021.

The mask requirement “violates the procedures required for agency rulemaking,” according to Mizelle’s ruling from Tampa, Florida.

A short time later, the White House said the “decision means CDC’s public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time.”

The CDC had renewed the travel mask mandate several times, most recently extending it through May 3.

Publish : 2022-04-19 13:36:00

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