Forget Faster and Stronger. The Winter Olympics Are Sadder, Quieter, Scarier.

Isolation rooms, fears of positive Covid-19 tests and the absence of cheering crowds are squeezing all the joy from the Beijing Games


By Ben Cohen and Joshua Robinson
Two workers handling swab samples for Covid-19 tests Thursday at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. JAE C. HONG/ASSOCIATED PRESS

On the day Team USA flag bearer Elana Meyers Taylor was supposed to march her country into the Olympic Stadium, she was in a Chinese isolation hotel. She had tested positive for Covid-19 and watched the Opening Ceremony on TV in a room she wasn’t allowed to leave.

Ms. Meyers Taylor was one of the lucky ones. She has since recovered and is scheduled to compete as one of the medal favorites in two bobsled events.

Publish : 2022-02-12 02:00:00

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