The US continues its imperialist aggression as it sanctions 116 Nicaraguan officials

Anupam Bhattarai

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Photo: Reuters | Stringers

The Yankees in the North continue to show their aggressive stance against socialism, despite having a comparatively moderate American president who comes from the party which has members who like to identify themselves as socialist.

The Biden administration showed such tendency once again as the Democrat president sanctioned 116 Nicaraguan officials for 'undermining democracy.'

Nicaragua has socialist Daniel Ortega of the Sandanista National Liberation Front as president, who has been anti-imperialist and been open against the aggression of North America in the Latin.

 US Secretary of state Antony Blinken went on to say the democratically elected government of Nicaragua as "Ortega-Murillo" regime. 

The US has been accused of attempting to interfere in elections in Nicaragua as it does to the elections almost all over the world.

“To that end, the Department of State is taking steps to impose visa restrictions on 116 individuals complicit in undermining democracy in Nicaragua, including mayors, prosecutors, university administrators, as well as the police, prison, and military officials," he said.

Blinken said this is to strengthen bases for the efforts of "restoration of democracy" in Nicaragua.

The last restoration of democracy by the US was in the North African country of Libya, which has moved from a democratic socialist state where the state-guaranteed every one's right to live, to a neoliberal anarchic hellhole.

While Biden rose to power promising people minimum wages and free healthcare, he has been sanctioning the country which has done so, saying "undemocratic" as such action undermines the interests of the American Corporations in such countries.

This shows the president's pure lack of intent to do so in his country, while he will keep promising such actions for the elections as it is what he needs to win the election.

Publish : 2022-01-11 09:06:00

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