Maxwell -Epstein Case: Second alleged victim testifies

Photo: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

On the sixth day of the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial in federal court, the prosecution put a second alleged victim on the witness stand.
The witness adopted a pseudonym once more to preserve her privacy, this time "Kate."

Kate, unlike the first witness in the trial, "Jane," was of consenting age when the alleged abuse occurred.

Kate testified about meeting Maxwell in Paris and then being introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by Maxwell.

Kate began her testimony with a British accent and talked quietly, almost mumblingly.

Dr. Lisa Rocchio, an expert witness, said last week that Maxwell and Epstein's strategy was essentially the five phases of grooming.

Kate was born into a family of the poor (she had an ill mother). Maxwell made Kate feel "very important" and told her how Epstein could assist her with her singing career, according to Kate.

Jane had been invited to tea at Epstein's Palm Beach mansion, and Kate had been asked to tea at Maxwell's London townhouse (Kate was living in London at the time).

Kate met Epstein at Maxwell's residence at a later date.

Kate stated that she weighed 95 pounds at the time, and Maxwell praised her strength.

"Why don't you give his feet a little squeeze and show how powerful you are," she alleges Maxwell remarked to her.

Kate claimed she massaged Epstein's feet before he requested she touch his shoulders, which she did.

Maxwell requested Kate to step in for a professional massage after she canceled his appointment a few weeks later.

Kate recalls being introduced to one of Epstein's several "massage chambers" during this time.

Epstein "was nude" when he removed his robe, she alleges and then attempted to initiate sexual contact with her.

Kate recalls that the second time Maxwell led her to the massage room, he said, "Have a wonderful time." Kate testified that Epstein conducted "a sex act" during the massage.

Maxwell began to normalize sex by talking about it on a frequent basis, including discussing the size of Epstein's genitals and asking Kate if she knew of any ladies who'd want to conduct oral sex on him, as indicated in Roccio's five phases of grooming.


Publish : 2021-12-07 12:51:00

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