Israeli cargo ships banned from entering or exiting Kuwait

Freight trucks and vehicles drive on the only entrance to Kuwait's Shuwaikh Port from the Ghazalli Bridge in Shuwaikh February 11, 2013. (photo credit: Reuters/ Stephanie McGhee)

Kuwaiti Public Works Minister Dr. Rana Abdullah Al-Fares signed an order on Saturday prohibiting commercial vessels carrying products to and from Israel from entering Kuwaiti national seas, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Anba reported.

The ruling forbids issuing entry permits for ships transporting commodities to or from Israel, even if the products being transported from Israel are being sent to a country other than Kuwait.

Kuwaiti law prohibits individuals and businesses from concluding agreements with organizations or individuals based in Israel and from conducting financial or commercial transactions with anyone interested in Israel, even if they reside outside Israel. Additionally, it is prohibited to import, exchange, or possess any Israeli goods, commodities, or products, whether directly or indirectly obtained. Additionally, items cannot contain any material derived from Israeli products.

On Saturday, Hamas published a statement applauding the decision and urging other countries to "follow the same approach" and impose restrictions on Israeli trade and sea activity.

Kuwait is an outspoken critic of Israel.

When the Abraham Accords were signed, Kuwait declared that it would "be the last" country to repair relations with Israel.

Kuwait's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Talal Al-Fassam, restated Kuwait's support for the Palestinians. According to the Palestinian WAFA news agency, they criticized Israeli President Isaac Herzog's recent visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Kuwait's parliament enacted a bill in May restricting all engagement with Israel. All demonstrations of sympathy for Israel would be prohibited as well.

Publish : 2021-12-05 11:12:00

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