Advising both Chinese state companies and the Pentagon, McKinsey & Co. comes under scrutiny

McKinsey's work with the government gives it insights into U.S. military planning and weapons. But the firm has advised Chinese firms now on U.S. blacklists.Erik Carter for NBC News

WASHINGTON — Global consulting giant McKinsey & Co.’s work with both the Pentagon and powerful Chinese state-owned enterprises poses a potential risk to national security that federal agencies can no longer ignore, lawmakers and critics say.

McKinsey’s consulting contracts with the federal government give it an insider’s view of U.S. military planning, intelligence and high-tech weapons programs. But the firm also advises Chinese state-run enterprises that have supported Beijing’s naval buildup in the Pacific and played a key role in China’s efforts to extend its influence around the world, according to an NBC News investigation.

Publish : 2021-11-14 09:15:00

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