Family sues Travis Scott and promoters after a 9-year-old Ezra Blount trampled and 'clinging to life'

Ezra Blount is thought to be the youngest victim from Travis Scott’s show. Rick Kern/Getty Image

The family of a nine-year-old kid fighting for his life after being crushed during Friday's Astroworld concert in Houston filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Travis Scott and the concert organizers.

Ezra Blount of Tyler, Texas, was "nearly killed" by other concertgoers, leaving him in an "induced coma on life support," according to the lawsuit filed in Harris County.

The suit stated that Blount "suffered severe liver, kidney, and brain damage" during a 40-minute fan surge that killed eight people and injured hundreds.

Scott, along with Live Nation, Score more Management, Cactus Jack Records, NRG Park, and numerous other defendants, allegedly "egregiously failed in their duty to protect the health, safety, and lives of those attending the concert."

The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in damages for the defendant's "grossly negligent conduct," which reportedly includes failing to provide enough security and medical professionals, as well as neglecting to call a halt to the event.

Blount, who is believed to be the calamity's youngest fatality, had driven three hours to watch his favorite rapper with his father. The latter detailed the terrible trip on an online fundraising website.

"I was carrying my son on my shoulders in anticipation of Drake's [sic] stage appearance," Treston Blount wrote. "I became squeezed to the point where I couldn't breathe and passed out. And when I awoke, my son was gone."

Scott, 30, "absolutely" should have canceled the event at the first sign of disaster, Houston Police Chief Samuel Pena told NBC's "Today" Tuesday.

"The artist commands the attention of that crowd... If he observes something, he can easily interrupt the performance, put on the lights, and declare, 'Hey, we're not continuing until this situation is rectified,'" Pena said.

While Texas lawmakers demand a "thorough investigation" into the mass-casualty incident, young Ezra's grandfather had a thinly-veiled message for the rapper.

"If you're feeling that bad, why aren't you down here at the hospital checking on your fans?" Bernon Blount remarked Monday to KTRK.

Blount's lawsuit is one of several legal claims filed against the rapper and promoters, with a barrage of litigation set to continue in the case.

Publish : 2021-11-10 10:51:00

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