The Taliban is trying to win over Afghanistan’s Shiites with a 33-year-old Hazara emissary. But many question the group’s sincerity.

(Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)

KABUL — As a military commander, Maulavi Mahdi never captured territory or killed Americans in battle. Yet the Taliban considers the 33-year-old ethnic Hazara a godsend.

Last year, the militants made Mahdi a shadow district governor in his birthplace. Then they showcased a video of him on their website to glorify his credentials. On a recent trip to Kabul, he was housed in a large villa with a garden, which the Taliban typically reserves for its most senior leaders. Mahdi knows why.

“I am a bridge between the Taliban and the Hazara community,” he said.

Publish : 2021-11-02 08:44:00

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