11 people killed and more than a dozen injured in an attack in Iraq, according to a report

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Security sources told AFP that an attack in Iraq resulted in 11 deaths and more than a dozen injuries.

According to AFP, the Islamic State group has assaulted a town in eastern Iraq, killing 11 people and injuring 13.

According to another report, the area was home to a large number of security personnel.

The majority of the residents, according to both reports, belonged to the Bani Tamim tribe. According to one of the reports, the village has been secured, and the attackers are being sought.

The attack comes after a bombing in Uganda by the Islamic State that killed at least one person on Saturday.

Despite Iraq's claim that the group was crushed in 2017, a UN study from 2021 indicated 10,000 active Islamic State combatants in Iraq and Syria.

According to AFP, the Islamic State organization has carried out two more strikes in Iraq in recent months.

According to the country, Sami Jasim, the Islamic State's financial overseer, was arrested earlier this month.

Publish : 2021-10-27 12:05:00

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