Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez promises 'again' to outlaw prostitution


Spanish Primeminister Pedro Sanchez promised on Sunday that he will be criminalizing prostitution since the practice enslaves women.

Speaking at the three-day congress of the Spanish Socialist Workers' party, Sanchez pledged to make the sex industry illegal which had been made legal in 1995, and currently holds more than 3.7 Billion of net worth.

Prostitution and Sex-work are currently unregulated in Spain. The criminalization of it is seen as a necessary step by the women and the pro-women activists.

Prostitution is seen as an inhumane act that treats women as mere objects. The 2019 election manifesto of the Spanish Socialist worker's party pointed to prostitution as "one of the cruelest aspects of the feminization of poverty and one of the worst forms of violence against women".

However, no legislation for criminalization has been yet put on to table by the ruling government.

Despite having its social roots, and having a lot of working-class voters the SSWP has been largely a liberal party that has failed to fulfill the promises that hit has made to its socialist public.

The party has been increasingly shifting towards the right-wing since it abandoned Marxism in 1979. The failure to put forward legislation to criminalize prostitution shows yet another proof for the party's failure to address what it promises to its people due to its liberal tendencies.



Publish : 2021-10-18 12:23:00

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