Russia's prestigious Bolshoi theatre collapses, killing a performer mid-opera

The Bolshoi theatre immediately stopped the performance and asked the audience to leave (Photo: File/ Sky News)

On Saturday evening, a performer was killed in an accident while performing at Moscow's legendary Bolshoi Theatre.

According to a spokeswoman for The Bolshoi, one of Russia's most prominent theatres, the unfortunate incident occurred during a change of stage scenery in Nikolai Rimsky-opera Korsakov's Sadko.

"The opera was immediately stopped and the audience was asked to leave," the venue informed Interfax.

The Investigative Committee, which investigates significant crimes, said it investigated the circumstances surrounding the 37-year-old man's death. It didn't reveal his true identity.

According to a source quoted by Interfax, the actor was crushed by a ramp during a change of scenery.

According to the RIA and TASS news agencies, he was murdered by a "falling piece of decor,."

Publish : 2021-10-10 13:43:00

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