UK's daily Covid cases rise just 1% in a week

Image: William West | AFP | GETTY

The number of Covid cases in the United Kingdom increased by only 1% today, despite renewed optimism that schoolchildren may build herd immunity.

The number of new coronavirus infections reported by the Department of Health increased by 1.4% from last Friday's figure of 35,577.

Despite infections from Wales being missed from today's total toll due to a technical fault, it was the third day in a row that cases increased week-on-week.

The number of persons who died from the condition was the same this week, with 127 people dying within 28 days of a positive Covid test.

Totals for Wales, on the other hand, were not accounted for.However, hospitalizations declined by 2.7 percent to 747 on Monday, the most recent date for which data is available.

Publish : 2021-10-09 00:45:00

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