Revealed: Pandora papers unmask owners of offshore-held UK property worth £4bn

The Guardian

​​​​​​​ Simon Goodley and Joseph Smith
The Pandora papers offer a rare glimpse into the true ownership of a significant tranche of the £170bn of UK property estimated to be held overseas. Illustration: Guardian Design

Analysis of leak identifies 600 previously anonymous owners from world leaders to monarchs and oligarchs

Heads of government, oligarchs, business tycoons, ruling families and a Middle Eastern monarch are among the anonymous owners of at least £4bn in UK property, the Pandora papers reveal.


From the leaked files – the biggest trove of leaked offshore data in history – the Guardian has been able to identify about 600 individuals who used secretive offshore companies to keep their British property acquisitions confidential. Many of the properties are in the most exclusive London postcodes: Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington and Belgravia.

Publish : 2021-10-05 13:30:00

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