UK Probing ‘Unacceptable’ Data Breach as MoD Shared Over 250 Afghan Interpreters' Details in Email 1 hour ago


By Svetlana Ekimenko
© REUTERS / Ben Shread/UK MOD Crown copyright 2021/Handout

The email had been sent out to Afghan interpreters who worked with British forces when they were stationed in the South Asian country now ruled by Taliban*. Some of them had managed to escape to other countries, while others remain in hiding.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has ordered an immediate inquiry into what has been slammed as an “unacceptable data breach” that "needlessly put lives at risk," reported the BBC.

The email addresses, names and some profile pictures of around 250 Afghans seeking relocation to the UK after the exit of NATO forces from the country allowed Taliban* to take over control were mistakenly copied into an email from the Ministry of Defence.

Publish : 2021-09-21 14:35:00

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