South Korea launches a ballistic missile within an hour of N. Korea launches two towards Japan

A man in Seoul watches file footage of a North Korean missile test on September 15. | Jung Yeon-je/AFP

According to the Associated Press, North and South Korea conducted ballistic missile tests hours apart on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, North Korea fired two missiles off its eastern coast shortly after 12.30 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (6 a.m. Indian Standard Time).

South Korea's joint chiefs of staff issued a statement saying, "North Korea fired two unidentified ballistic missiles toward the east coast from its central inland region, and intelligence authorities in South Korea and the United States are conducting detailed analysis for further information."

According to the statement, the missiles flew over around 800 kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of 60 kilometers. According to Bloomberg, the rockets went towards the east coast of the Korean Peninsula and landed outside of Japan's exclusive economic zone.

According to reports, North Korea launched a new long-range cruise missile over the weekend that might target Japan.

According to the Associated Press, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga branded North Korea's conduct as "outrageous."

“The firings endanger Japan's and the region's peace and security,” Suga warned. “The Japanese government is determined to increase our vigilance and surveillance to be prepared for any eventuality.”

Meanwhile, South Korea said hours after North Korea's test launch that it had successfully tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile, a first for the country, according to the Associated Press.

South Korea stated in a statement that the missile, which was launched from a 3,000-ton submarine, struck its intended target during the test. According to the Associated Press, the weapon is expected to assist South Korea in preventing any external threats, strengthen its self-defense posture, and promote peace on the Korean Peninsula.

According to the US Indo Pacific Command, North Korea's launches did not represent an immediate threat to its personnel, territories, or allies.

According to CNN, North Korea is prohibited from testing nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles under international law. However, the rockets that the country tested on Wednesday were short-range and, according to the Associated Press, do not usually trigger further penalties from the UN Security Council.

Publish : 2021-09-15 17:08:00

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