Boris Johnson Reveals 311 Afghans Who Helped UK Have Been Left Behind

PM gives his first figure for those who could not be evacuated despite risk of reprisals from Taliban

Huffington Post

By Paul Waugh
Photo: House of Commons

Boris Johnson has revealed that 311 Afghans who helped the UK military and government have been left behind in the country.

The prime minister told the House of Commons that those unable to be evacuated were part of the Afghan Relocations And Assistance Policy (ARAP) that was set up to help those most at risk of reprisals from the Taliban.

Interpreters, security staff and others employed locally are eligible for the special resettlement scheme, which grants them permanent residence rights in the UK.

But in answer to a question from SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, Johnson revealed the latest figure for those who were unable to leave by the end of August deadline for Western troop withdrawal from Kabul.

Publish : 2021-09-07 09:41:00

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