Hostages strapped to getaway cars, bombs dispersed throughout the city to help with a Brazilian bank robbery

Cars were torched to slow police efforts to get to the robbery scene. (Globo)

During a bank robbery that left three people dead and others critically injured, hostages were fastened to the roofs of getaway cars, and bombs were spread over a Brazilian city.

The sophisticated and brutal heist in the city of Araçatuba, northwest of Sao Paulo, early Monday morning featured between 15 and 20 thieves, according to military police.

The bandits set fire to automobiles to obstruct major roadways and held hostages at the local police station.

They then looted three banks while using drones to track police movements.

Hostages were tied to the tops and bonnets of getaway cars as they made their getaway at the end of the operation.

The robbery claimed the lives of three persons, including the culprit and his hostage, who perished in a police standoff.

As he filmed the robbery in progress, an innocent citizen was also killed.

The presence of devices scattered around the city impeded police efforts to trace down the criminals.

The bombs had motion or heat sensors that went off when individuals got too close.

A biker was critically injured when one of the bombs exploded as he went by.

Both of his feet, as well as all of his fingers, had to be removed afterward.

Residents of the 200,000-person metropolis have been ordered to remain indoors until all of the bombs have been detonated.

During the raid, four more persons were shot.

Three of the alleged robbers have been apprehended, but the remaining suspects are still on the loose.

It is unknown whether the thieves were successful in stealing any money from the banks.

Four years earlier, a similar robbery occurred in the city.

The crooks set fire to cars both times to obstruct the military police headquarters' exits.

Publish : 2021-08-31 10:32:00

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