JFK's daughter Caroline appointed as Ambassador to Australia


Washington DC
Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters

The daughter of the Former President John F Kennedy has been appointed as the US envoy to Australia by the Biden Administration.

Caroline Kennedy, aged 63, previously served as Ambassador to Japan during the Obama Administration. 

The daughter of the assassinated Democrat President belongs to one of the Elitest American Families which has been in power since the early 1800s.

Caroline is a long-time friend and an ally to Joe Biden who endorsed him in the Presidential Run.

A White House spokesperson declined to comment, saying more ambassadors would be announced when the vetting process and the notification to host countries have been completed.

In a reflection of Biden’s close relationship to the Kennedy political dynasty, Caroline Kennedy is the second family member he has nominated to fill a diplomatic post. The President has tapped the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s widow, Victoria, to be his envoy in Austria.


Publish : 2021-07-24 11:30:00

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