Tokyo Olympics will be "Like Never Before"

Photo: Getty Images | BBC Sports

The things aren't the same lately as they used to be. The pandemic pushed us outside of our comfort zone and literally everything was shut down. Sports wasn't safe from this.

The Tokyo Olympics scheduled for 2020 is going to happen in 2021 amid tighter restrictions and empty stadiums. More than 11,300 athletes from 207 nations and territories are participating in the festival of international sports.

Friday's Opening Ceremony for the Olympics will offer a glimmer of hope for the days to come because the "never like before" opening ceremony is indeed special and rare in the world we are living in.

"I think it will be a moment of joy and relief when entering the stadium, a moment of joy in particular for the athletes because I know how much they are longing for this moment," said International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach.

"Then they can finally be there, they can enjoy this moment under very special circumstances."

With Tokyo in a state of emergency throughout the Olympics after a spike in Covid-19 infections, the Games have come under huge criticism from the Japanese public, the majority of whom have said they want the Olympics to be canceled or postponed again.

But safety is paramount for the organizers, and huge precautions are being taken, including holding the Games behind closed doors with no fans, from either Japan or overseas, being permitted inside venues.

As for the athletes, they are under strict restrictions too. They must wear a face mask at all times - except when eating, drinking, training, competing, or sleeping - and minimize physical interaction with others, and are being tested for Covid-19 every day.


Publish : 2021-07-23 13:33:00

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