Watch: Chaos erupts in Spanish parliamentary house as rat enters the building

Regional speaker Marta Bosquet was mid-sentence when she noticed the rat.

The parliament in Andalusia, Spain, erupted into turmoil on Wednesday when a rat entered the chamber just as members were about to vote on a major issue. The speaker of the house gasped in surprise when he saw the rodent, while other politicians leaped to their feet and raced to get away from it, according to a video that has gone viral online.

The Andalusian Parliament was forced to momentarily pause its session after a rat entered the room just as members of the parliament were about to begin voting to name Susana Diaz as a senator, according to news website T13.

Marta Bosquet, a regional speaker, was in the middle of a sentence when she noticed the rat. She yelled, reaching for her mask-covered mouth with her palm and startled the person seated next to her. After that, the camera turned to show one politician fleeing as others cleared the area where the offending monster had been observed.

Members attempted to corner the rodent for several minutes as the legislative session devolved into chaos, according to ABC Andalusia.

Juan Marin, the organization's vice president, was ultimately able to catch the rat and remove it from the room, much to the delight of his coworkers.

Parliamentary proceedings resumed as usual when the rat was ejected. Susana Diaz was re-elected as senator for the autonomous community of Andalusia, succeeding Fernando Lopez Gil.

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Publish : 2021-07-23 10:51:00

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