Australia: Victoria will extend the lockdown amid slight fall in number of cases

Photo: EPA

The lockdown ending on Tuesday will be extended for more days despite a slight drop in the new cases of the COVID-19 infections.

The state of Victoria is home to one of the famous Australian cities of Melbourne. 

 Daniel Andrews, the state premier of the state, said that the lockdown will not be lifted until the number of cases is completely under control. He added that further details to the extension of lockdown will be given on Tuesday.

"It would be perhaps a few days of sunshine and then there is a very high chance that we'd be back in lockdown again. That's what I'm trying to avoid," said Andrews in explaining why the lockdown would not be lifted as scheduled.

Victoria, the country's most populated state, reported 13 local cases on Monday, compared to the 16, a day earlier.

The other Australian state of New South Wales has been since more than three weeks following a huge spike in the number of cases.

Publish : 2021-07-19 11:17:00

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