American Tennis Star Coco Gauff will miss Olympics after being tested Positive for COVID

Photo: Getty Images

The 17-year-old tennis star from the US, Coco Gauff will miss the Olympics after being tested positive for the coronavirus. 

In a statement on her Twitter account, she said that her hopes to represent the States in the Olympics had been dashed by the COVID-19.

"It has always been a dream of mine to represent the USA at the Olympics, and I hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future," she tweeted,

The United States Tennis Association said that the entire Olympics Contingent for the US is heartbroken for Coco.

"We wish her the best as she deals with this unfortunate situation, and hope to see her back on the courts very soon," the association added in its statement.

Gauff did not mention if she had been vaccinated. It is less likely but yet possible for the vaccinated people to get infected.

Thousands of athletes, coaches, officials, and media are streaming into Tokyo. They go through rigorous coronavirus testing before departing from their home countries and comply with strict protocols upon arrival to maintain separation from the Japanese population and decrease the risk of an outbreak.

Publish : 2021-07-19 09:28:00

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