Multiple shootings in Arizona, 1 killed 12 injured

Photo:Peoria Police

In a series of shootings in the US state of Arizona, a person was killed and 12 got injured. A gunman went on a shooting spree across the West Valley Area of Arizona. said the local police department.

Officials said that they believe it is only one shooter involved in the series of multiple shootings and the suspect has been taken into custody.

The first shooting of the series occurred around 11 am on Thursday in Peoria, Arizona. According to the Peoria Police department sergeant Brandon Sheffart, the person inside the white SUV fired shots at seven different locations over the next one and a half hours.

The suspect was apprehended at around 12:42 pm, local time in Surpris, Arizona.

Police said that the suspect is an adult male but has not identified him or disclosed anything about him yet.

All of the twelve injured are expected to recover soon. Four people were shot including a deceased victim and nine others were injured, said the police.

Officer Tommy Hale of the Surprise Police Department said that he does not believe there are any other suspects involved with the incident and that "there is no reason" for the public to feel unsafe. An investigation is underway to determine the suspect's motive.  

"Our thoughts go with them," Sheffert said, in reference to victims and their families as well as the officers and firefighters that responded to the scenes. "This is trying for everybody and this doesn't normally happen."

Publish : 2021-06-18 10:53:00

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