Online Brands Try New—and Old—Ways to Stand Out to Shoppers


By Paul Ziobro
‘The saying in digital marketing is, whoever can spend the most wins,’ said Kevin Stecko, the founder of (Photographs by Ross Mantle for The Wall Street Journal)

Selling things online is easier than ever. Standing out to shoppers is getting harder.

Kevin Stecko has spent more than two decades selling nostalgic apparel emblazoned with He-Man, ThunderCats and more online at But lately, he said, some customers seem to have a hard time finding him. In Google searches for terms like “He-Man shirts,” he said, his site appears beneath paid ads from competitors.

His novel solution: a paper catalog mailed to thousands of homes.

“The print cost plus the postage costs should actually do as well or better than it does to acquire customers online,” Mr. Stecko said. The catalog costs about $86,000 to produce, though he is waiting for more sales to come in before judging its success.

Publish : 2021-06-17 16:08:00

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