Showing China as a threat is a Cold War Mentality : Says China

Photo: AFP

China strongly condemned NATO's "China Threat" policy and negatively exaggerating China being a cold war mentality.

NATO leaders, earlier, had accused China of possessing a systemic threat to the imperial allies. The NATO leaders have urged to stand up against China's growing presence in the world and to maintain the Western hegemony across the globe. 

The US and its allies, NATO, have been actively involved in countering the growing Chinese strength which could mean a great threat to the global Imperialism that the Imperialist power have maintained. The G7 also discussed the cold war era-like coalition between the United States, and its allies to counter the increasing strength of China.

China has been increasing its global presence and strengthening the military,

Responding to NATO's statement which claimed China possesses a threat to the rule-based established global order, China said, "We will not pose a 'systemic challenge' to anyone, but if anyone wants to pose a 'systemic challenge' to us, we will not remain indifferent."

China said that NATO's statement slanders China's peaceful development and displays a "Cold War mentality."


Publish : 2021-06-15 13:51:00

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