Balloon Terrorism: Hamas admits its responsibility

Incendiary Balloon / AFP
Incendiary Balloon / AFP

One of the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, Khalil al-Hayya, warned on Thursday that the ceasefire agreement would be broken if Israel did not stop harming the Old City of Jerusalem, did not follow through on agreements to lift the Gaza Strip's siege, and did not promote its rehabilitation.

Al-Hayya also stated in an interview with Al-Aqsa TV that allowing the flag march in Jerusalem to take place could jeopardize the ceasefire's viability.

He said that if the international community wanted to keep the peace going, it needed to act to stop Palestinians from being displaced from eastern Jerusalem and urge Israel to release the siege and speed up the rehabilitation of Gaza.

"We will not wait long for the crossings to open and the Qatari grant to be transferred," al-Hayya said of the mediators between Israel and Hamas.

"You must take efforts to reset things to the way they were before November 5, 2019, through the siege-breaking procedures."

"If we remain silent in the face of the violations of the occupation, they will continue to escalate, so continued solidarity is required, and the resistance (Hamas) determines the form of solidarity, from the burning balloon to an open confrontation," al-Hayya said.

Publish : 2021-06-11 08:01:00

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