Harry Styles stalker pleaded not guilty to the harassment charge


The stalker of Harry Styles has been found not guilty of harassment due to social media posts against the former One Direction star.

After being hit with a restraining order, Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, who has been residing in a hotel and was missing from court on Friday, was barred from contacting the singing superstar.

After Tarazaga-Orero began stalking Harry in the summer of 2019, which included sleeping outside his home, the Watermelon singer tightened up his security at home and began locking his bedroom door at night.

Tarazaga-Orero was found guilty of stalking the popstar following a trial in October 2019.

A fresh charge of harassment was brought against Tarazaga-Orero over a series of social media posts in December last year.

Police were tipped off by a fan about the alleged social media posts, which included a One Direction music video and pictures of Harry, a court heard in January.

Tarazaga-Orero pleaded not guilty to the harassment charge.


Publish : 2021-06-04 20:06:00

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