Logan and Mayweather staredown: Mayweather vows to show the YouTuber 'difference between real boxing and YouTube boxing'

Mayweather and Logan Paul faced off before their fight on Sunday in Miami. © Twitter @OmarESPN

Floyd Mayweather claims he has "trained a little bit here and there" for his exhibition fight with YouTube star Logan Paul on Sunday, but is certain that his innate aptitude will carry him through.

It almost seems counterintuitive to mix the 50-0 undefeated boxer regarded as one of the sport's all-time greats with the winless rookie Paul, but the present landscape of pay-per-view boxing has opened up a new economic vista in prizefighting, one that Mayweather is only too eager to tap into.

In a lengthy staredown in Miami late Thursday, the two adversaries met face to face (or chest to chest in Mayweather's case), with Mayweather unwilling to take his focus away from Paul.

Mayweather may have an added incentive to damage his 26-year-old opponent following a recent press event in which the younger of the two Paul brothers, Jake, grabbed Mayweather's baseball cap and created a ruckus in which the enraged boxer repeatedly claimed he had been "disrespected."

Mayweather's steely reputation was completely re-established during Thursday's fight and his comments following, even if he did lose his legendary cool during that particular exchange.

"You guys will see the difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing," Mayweather, 44, added.

"He's relying on his stature, and he's relying on his reach." So we'll just have to wait and see. I've done some training here and there, but not every day. But I'm not obligated to."

The bout on Sunday will be Mayweather's first in the ring since a late-2018 exhibition against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, which he easily won by first-round KO.

Paul, on the other hand, poses a unique difficulty. He will be nearly a full foot taller than Nasukawa in the ring, towering over the 5ft 8in Mayweather, and at 190lbs, he will be around 30lbs heavier than Mayweather come fight time – but Mayweather appears unfazed, saying that he is taking on the fight for the challenge rather than the not-insignificant pay.

"What about the 'so-called' elite boxers, such as Manny Pacquiao?" He has no choice but to fight. I'm not required to. I go ahead and do what I want. He stated, "I retired."

"Do I admire Pacquiao? Without a doubt. He must, however, battle. I made wise investments to put myself in a situation where I would no longer have to battle."

Paul, on the other hand, insists he'll march to the ring this weekend and give it his best.

"I'll fight with all my might," the YouTuber declared. "That's what makes this sport so appealing. The experience has been wonderful. In practically every industry, experience takes precedence over everything else."

"But, in the end, this is a fight, and anything may happen."

Publish : 2021-06-04 18:20:00

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