U.S. Manufacturers Blame Tariffs for Swelling Inflation

Some economists differ, saying removing tariffs on metal, lumber won’t mean big drop in prices


By Yuka Hayashi and Josh Zumbrun

Economists and policymakers are debating whether stimulus spending and easy monetary policy are fueling inflation. Many businesses say there is another culprit that should share the blame: import tariffs.

The Trump administration implemented tariffs on products including lumber, steel and semiconductors to shield American companies from a glut of cheap imported products from China and other countries.

The tariffs have long been opposed by U.S. companies that import the goods and pay the levies. They are making a new push for the Biden administration to lift them, on grounds that tariffs contribute to rising prices and product shortages that are accompanying the post-pandemic recovery.

Publish : 2021-05-31 13:14:00

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