Samsung to Partner with Google to work for Fuchsia OS Development


Photo: Google LLC

It has been reported that Samsung is contributing to the development of Google's Fuchsia OS Project. Google has been building an OS from the ground up for years. 

The most recent report says that the addition of code related to Samsung's "Flash-Friendly File System" was reported to be added to Fuchsia OS. Also known as “F2FS,” this project is an alternative system for managing the files on a storage device, which could include the built-in storage of a smartphone.

It has been further reported that Google has also worked with other companies including Huawei in the project.

Samsung Inc has also been listed side by side with Google LLC in the official "Authors" file to the OS. This further confirms the collaboration of the companies.

Publish : 2021-05-13 14:50:00

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