Gasoline hits 5$ in LA following the cyberattack


Los Angeles
Photo: Lynxotic

Although the East cost was supposed to be impacted first by the colonial pipelines cyber attack, the fuel prices in LA have hiked to a record.

Regular Gasoline was seen to be sold at $4,99 credit and $4,89 cash, while the plus gasoline was available at $5.09 credit and $4.99 cash.

The main pipeline in the east coast which covered almost half of the east coast's fuel supply was shutdown after a cyber attack on Friday.

Although, according to sources, the cyberattack targeted only business related computers and none involved in the system itself, there have been reports that the supply chain would likely be affected and that prices could rise.

The company victim of the cyber attack had a pipeline that stretched 5500 miles in the east.

Although the pipeline shut down was meant to effect the east firsty, west is ahead in the rise of the prices.


Publish : 2021-05-10 10:58:00

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