Feds shot an armed man outside CIA headquarters

Photo: CIA Headquarters via: wikimedia

An armed man was shot and injured outside the CIA headquarters in Virginia on Monday evening by the law enforcement officials.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Washington tweeted the "individual involved in a security incident outside Central Intelligence Agency HQ in McLean, VA, emerged from his vehicle with a weapon & was engaged by law enforcement officers."

"The subject was wounded & has been transported to a hospital for medical attention. The FBI takes all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members seriously," The FBI further added.

FBI also said, "The review process is thorough and objective, and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances."


The CIA told CNN in a statement that the facility was secure following the "security situation."

"Our compound remains secured, and our Security Protective Officers working the incident are the only Agency personnel directly involved," it said.

Publish : 2021-05-04 11:16:00

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