May Day Protests Across the Globe (Photo Feature); Turkey arrests hundreds of protestors for upholding May Day protests


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Demonstrators clash with Turkish police, at a May Day rally in Besiktas, a district of Istanbul. Photo: AFP

Turkish police arrested more than a couple of hundreds of protestors for upholding May Day protests saying the protests were "unauthorized." Despite the COVID-19, this May Day saw rallies in a staggering number across the globe.

Turkish police detain demonstrators as they attempted to march on Taksim Square in Istanbul. Photo: AFP

Demonstrations and rallies led by the Workers under Union or the local communist parties are held every year across the globe on International Labors day or the International Day of the Working Class.

Turkey was not the only country to attack the labor protests on May Day. French authorities arrested at least 34 people at the capital Paris after "a group of demonstrators" clashed with the police.

Protesters and police clashed at the beginning of a May Day march in Paris. Photo: AFP

This year's agenda of May Day was mainly centered against Economic injustice or wealth inequality and the government response to the pandemic which has only fueled the existing gap of inequality to widen.


Protesters walk through Berlin, where protests were held in defiance of Covid-19 restrictions. Photo: AFP


Other than Turkey and France, Germany Indonesia and the UK also saw a great number of protests in the honors of International Working Class Day.

At one rally, protesters in the capital of Jakarta laid mock graves on the street to symbolize the human toll of the pandemic.

A May Day protest in the street in Jakarta, for International Workers' Day. Photo: AFP

Publish : 2021-05-02 07:50:00

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