More than 90 hostages found in a Houston home suspected of being used for human smuggling


Houston, Texas
Photo: AFP

More than 90 people were found held hostage at a sub-urban Houston home when the police responded to a kidnapping report.

The people were crammed into a two-storey home which is suspected of being used in a human smuggling operation.

Houston Police Department assistant chief Daryn Edwards.said almost of the victims were men except about a few. He also said there were no children among them.

He said police rescued them and they were given food and water.

The victims told the police they had not eaten recently.

"They basically (were) in there in their basic clothing and all, all huddled together. So that's what we saw when we got in," Edwards said.

Edwards also added that several of the victims showed the symptoms of COVID-19 infection which included fever, lack of taste and smell.

The victims were issued personal protective gear and put onto white busses. It was not immediately clear where they were being taken.

Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were seen at the house along with local police and firefighters.

Publish : 2021-05-01 17:33:00

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