British actor and director Noel Clarke accused of sexual harassment, groping and bullying - secretly recording Jahannah James nude video - shoving his tongue in teenager's mouth on set [With Video]

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An award-winning British director Noel Clarke has been suspended by Bafta after he was accused of sexual harassment, groping and bullying by over 20 women.

The academy also announced that his outstanding British contribution to cinema award, which he secured earlier this month at the Royal Albert Hall, has been suspended until further notice.

One of Clarke's alleged victims is actress Jahannah James, who starred in one of his hit films, Brotherhood.

Annette Badland and Camille Coduri, Clarke's two female co-stars, are seen as he uses a microphone as a prop phallus, hitting them on the legs and even leaning it on Camille's shoulders, with viewers squirming while watching.'

Clarke's agent and manager, both from 42M&P, announced last night that they are no longer representing him.

Publish : 2021-04-30 16:49:00

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