Biden to visit UK as his first overseas trip

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Highlighting the importance of the relation between the US and the UK, Joe Biden announced his first overseas trip to the UK.

The US president will be attending the G7 summit in Cornwall (June 11- 13). Biden will be holding a meeting with the EU leadership and attend a summit with the leaders of the NATO on the fourteenth.

President Biden has invited the Russian President Vladmir Putin in a third country in coming months, though he has not set any date yet.

“It’s both a practical chance to connect with key allies and partners on shared opportunities and challenges,” said Yohannes Abraham, the chief of staff and executive secretary of the National Security Council.

“But also it’s an illustration of something that the president has been clear about that the transatlantic alliance is back, that revitalising it is a key priority of his and that the transatlantic relationship is a strong foundation on which our collective security and shared prosperity are built.”


In Cornwall, Mr Biden will hold bilateral meetings with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other leaders.

He will hold additional one-on-one meetings in Brussels with Nato allies, said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“This trip will highlight his commitment to restoring our alliances, revitalising the transatlantic relationship, and working in close co-operation with our allies and multilateral partners to address global challenges and better secure America’s interests,” she said in a statement.


Publish : 2021-04-24 08:31:00

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