Russian airstrikes in Syria claims lives of 200 people

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According to, Russia has carried out a devastating airstrike on militant bases in Syria, citing a statement by Russian Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, who is part of Russia's reconciliation center in Syria. He claims that 200 fighters were killed in a Russian combat aircraft air raid on April 19, 2021.

According to Karpov, Russian planes bombed bases and destroyed 24 more pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns, 500kg of ammunition, and other explosive components.

After receiving intelligence from Russian military intelligence operating in the region, the attacks took place northeast of Palmyra. The terrorists were training and planning for future attacks, according to the intelligence report.

Terrorist fighters have been seen increasing in number in other parts of the world as well. The increased activity in Syria, according to Karpov, is due to the upcoming presidential elections in the Arab Republic on May 26. Illegal armed groups are planning a series of attacks against government forces and civilians, with the primary aim of causing widespread destabilization in Syria.

We could see the activation of such groups and their training in the areas of Al-Tanf, which is under US military control, according to Karpov.

The Russians targeted pro-Turkish fighters a few weeks ago.
On April 9, the Russian air force targeted pro-Turkish fighters in Idlib, Syria, as we announced. The airstrikes primarily targeted Hayat Tahrir al-training Sham's camps. These attacks are carried out by Russian Su-24 and Su-34 aircraft.

Syria's civil war

Turkey lost at least 62 troops in Syria in February 2020. Nearly 100 soldiers were injured, hundreds of Turkish armored vehicles were destroyed by Syrian-backed troops, and more than ten aircraft, including drones, were shot down. The US has accused Russia of being involved in the deaths of Turkish soldiers on several occasions, but Russia denies these accusations.

Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the presidents of Russia and Turkey, decided in early March to implement a truce in the Idlib de-escalation region. Syria's President Bashar al-Assad later said that if the US and Turkish militaries did not withdraw, Damascus would use force.

The explanation for the Russian-Turkish talks was a dramatic escalation of the situation in Idlib, where the Syrian army launched a large-scale offensive against armed opposition and terrorist positions in January.

Nearly half of the Idlib de-escalation zone was recaptured by government troops, leaving behind some Turkish observation posts. Following that, Ankara significantly expanded its military presence in the area and initiated the "Spring Shield" operation to drive Syrian troops back. Militants favor Turkey and are loyal to Ankara.

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