Tesla Vehicle crash in Texas kills two


Houston, Texas
Photo: thesun

Two men were killed in a Tesla crash in Texas on Saturday.

New York Times reported that the two men died after the vehicle crashed and caught fire. Police said that the physical evidence at the scene suggests that no one was driving the vehicle during the crash.

The crash occurred about 30 miles north of Houston in a residential area in Woodlands.

One of the dead was in the front passenger seat and the other was in the rear seat, Mark Herman, the Harris County Precinct 4 constable, said.

He said that minutes before the crash, the men’s wives watched them leave in the Tesla after they said they wanted to go for a drive and were talking about the vehicle’s Autopilot feature.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said last month that it was investigating nearly two dozen crashes involving Teslas that either was using Autopilot or might have been using it.

National Transportation Board, in 2020, raised concerns regarding the battery used in electric vehicles. The board said that the batteries can pose a safety risk to emergency responders.


Publish : 2021-04-19 10:59:00

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