Piers Morgan is 'devastated' by the Queen's decision to attend Prince Philip's funeral alone.

The Queen had to stand alone due to social distancing rules (Image: BBC)

Piers Morgan has responded to Prince Philip's funeral by posting a photo of Queen Elizabeth II standing alone inside St George's Chapel.

The Royal Family was forced to follow social distancing laws at the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral at Windsor Castle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Piers Morgan, the former host of Good Morning Britain, shared a stern photograph of the Queen dressed in all black, complete with a face mask, as she stood alone in the chapel in recent months.

He attached a weeping emoji to his tweet, and his 7.9 million followers responded with their own thoughts, many of whom shared his feelings.

Piers later added: "Is there a photograph of The Queen that is more heartbreaking than this one? The cruel separation and isolation experienced by so many people during the pandemic is now being felt by the world's most successful woman as she bids farewell to her 73-year-old husband. It's absolutely catastrophic."

One of his supporters responded: "No woman or man, no matter who they are, should have to walk into a church alone when saying their final goodbyes to their 73-year-old partner.

"This is an excellent example of when Covid laws could have been disregarded. It's heartbreaking."

Another person wrote: "I don't know anyone who has been married for more than 70 years and shows such admiration for her husband, and I couldn't be prouder of our Royal Family right now.

"This is how we roll: reverence, integrity, and a stiff upper lip; whatever rocks are thrown our way, we will create a stronger wall."

A third person tweeted: "This has been really emotional... difficult... I just hope Her Majesty is receiving the proper support she requires. 75 years with the love of her life is extraordinary and something that few people achieve, but it must be extremely difficult."

Another individual added: "It's heartbreaking. Would anybody have minded if she had anyone to sit with her today? She is a mother in her nineties. It's inexcusably inhuman. I understand she wouldn't have it any other way because she's so bound by responsibility, but it's always heartbreaking to see her alone."

"I can't begin to imagine sitting alone at my husband's funeral with the world's camera trained on me," a fifth said.

Another person added: "On such a tough day, she does not deserve to be alone. Princess Anne, at the very least, should have been present with Her Majesty. She is in desperate need of comfort. This is a sad situation."

Prince Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99, just a few months short of his 100th birthday.

He was laid to rest at St George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle today (April 17).


Publish : 2021-04-18 09:04:00

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