China accuses US of having a 'black hand' in Russia-Ukraine Dispute

Photo: AFP | Getty Images

China has accused the United States of having a "black hand" in the military dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

Accusing the United States of always disturbing world peace in the language of democracy, China has said that Ukraine's leaders are greedy for the US president and foreign minister.

A report released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday states that all US presidents have fought or been involved in foreign wars since World War II.

According to the report, the United States was directly involved in 201 of the 248 armed conflicts that took place in 153 regions of the world between World War II and 2002. Which is about 82 percent of the total number. 

According to the report, the social situation in the country where the US troops have entered has also become unbalanced.

Opposing the US policy of using force to overthrow nations that do not accept its rule, the report said, "The US policy of forcibly waging war and paying cheap wages to people brought as refugees from war-torn countries is reprehensible." 

The report accuses the United States of exporting war and unrest in the name of democracy

Publish : 2021-04-15 12:41:00

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