Myanmar: Death tolls reaches 596 after security forces slain protesters and bystanders

The military regime’s forces are seen during an attack on anti-regime protesters in Kale, Sagaing Region on Wednesday morning. | Photo: the Irrawaddy

At least 14 violent deaths on Wednesday have pushed Myanmar's death toll following the Military Coup in February to 596.

More than one and a half dozen were wounded when they resisted the Military forces. Irrawaddy reports that even the bystanders were arrested by the regime forces.

A resident of Kale Township of the Bago region said that 11 of the dead were protesters who died on the crackdowns by the military when the forces opened fire on roadblocks set up by anti-regime protesters.

The other three residents were killed who were not part of the protests. Their bodies were taken by the military forces, a local media in the region reported.

The wounded are being treated at several hospitals in the region, including a few of them being treated at the military hospital in the Kale township.

Publish : 2021-04-08 14:00:00

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